Media rights

We believe that every creation is special and every creator should have full recognition for their talent. This is why we trust in the respect of our customers. For the ones who do not get this, here are some ground rules of respect:

  1. Every imagery created by Tsuruta Productions is property of Tsuruta Productions. It is therefore forbidden to take credits for our work without written permission from Tsuruta Productions.
  2. If you want to publish an image or video made by Tsuruta Productions, you will have to list us in the credits.
  3. Earning money by using the work of Tsuruta Productions without permission, is absolutely not acceptable and forbidden.
  4. Changing or editing a few things in an image or video made by Tsuruta Productions and taking credits or earning money from this, is forbidden.

If you have any questions concerning this media rights, please feel free to contact us.

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